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11 Characters SHH Wants to See in the Justice League Movie

SHH says

The Avengers have finally been brought to life and it's made all the money everyone expected and then some. It would be foolish of us to think that WB isn't planning to follow in the same footsteps as Marvel/Disney and release a series of films for their heroes leading into a Justice League film. There's no official word that this is happening, but if you don't think they're seriously considering it that would be a mistake. Who knows, maybe next year's Man of Steel is going to lead into the Justice League movie. If it doesn't, WB is shooting themselves in the foot.

I wanted to do a piece that was a 'map' of sorts on how WB could mirror Marvel's success at the movies and which characters they could do it with, but decided in lieu of that we'd just decide which characters need to be in the Justice League film and who should play them.

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Soldierone3148d ago

Basically the cast from Justice League Unlimited (except taking out Hawkgirl for Green Arrow) It will be interesting to see Green Arrow and all the non-comic book people cry "they copied Avengers!"

I want it to be a darker story, mostly revolving around the big 3 getting the group together. I won't lie I want Dakseid in it to really push Superman on edge, and to really give it that doom and gloom story.

Either that or a full scale invasion like they did in DC Universe the game.

Crazay3148d ago

I made the parallel comparisons last week in another post about how they pretty well have the same make-up of characters. People will think it's an Avengers Rip off but that may also drive ticket sales because The Avengers was so well done.

Darkseid would be pretty sweet but that whole story can't be told in 1 movie.

NewMonday3147d ago

for the first movie it should be a small cast, just the big 5, S,B,GL,WM and F.

Soldierone3147d ago

Thats the thing, it shouldn't be just one movie. I forgot to add this part.

Like I said I want to focus on the group getting together and a really dark story. If anything the group struggles, but overall gets AT LEAST to a point of conclusion for a bit, but they know there is more.

This allows the reverse Marvel move, make single character movies after Justice League that follow the story. However make it more involved, have it actually invade the storyline instead of just after credits stuff.

I think if they make it a big event, and market it as a big event, it will do well. With Harry Potter gone, WB can afford to gamble on something new now.

shackdaddy3147d ago

God, I would LOVE Darkseid to be the main villain. He's probably my second favorite comic book villain ever right under Joker.

gaden_malak3147d ago

By the time this movie comes out, the Avengers will have been done.

NewMonday3147d ago

their is not enough time in a movie to develop 11 characters, maybe a TV series. many would just get very minor roles like Hawkeye and Maria Hill

one reason the Avengers Movie worked is because the characters were already pre-developed in their own movies, so a number of them need to be established, the 5 can hold their own movies but i don't think Aquaman, Martian Manhunter or Green Arrow can.

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tarbis3147d ago

What WB need right now is common denominator. Like how Stan Lee was the overall supervisor for the films to make sure they're consistent. WB lack that and need to find one ASAP.

NewMonday3147d ago

Stan Lee didn't have much input other than being one of the original creators .

this is more about the producers, if they understand the characters AND how to re-produce them in movies.

aDDicteD3147d ago

nice article,,doomsday would be good choice as a villain and i think that they should only include 5 or 6, the smaller the better i think so that the characters will totally shine with batman, superman, and wonder woman having the most of the screentime. flash, martian and green lantern would be the good choice but there's always green arrow and hawkgirl for the support. i also want to have a 2 super villains kinda like they divide into 2 groups and take on the 2 villains or threats something like we always see on the justice league animated series

BlackIceJoe3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

They have interesting choices but those were not the ones I ever would have thought for characters.

I know it will not happen but I always wanted Cuba Gooding Jr. as the Green Lantern. I know it will be Hal but I wanted John more. I also thought the Martian Manhuter would have been cool played by Terrence Howard.

I also think Brian Austin Green would have been neat for Aquaman. I also think John Krasinski would have made an interesting Flash. Wonder Woman I thought could have been Bridget Regan. I think Evangeline Lilly would have been good as Zatanna.

I am not sure who would be good for Batman, Superman, Green Arrow & Hawkgirl though.

I myself would like to see the Justice League movie not be a Justice League movie. What I mean by that is look at Infinite Crisis or Blackest Night those were a series of good guys vs bad guys & had nothing to do with the Justice League. So make a story like that & have Batman & the gang come together.

I myself would love to see the movie take place during the Presidency of Lex Luthor or have Darkseid being at the head of the Legion of Doom or have Brainiac as the villain in the movie. I also want to see a real Superman & not having to resort to using Kryptonite in the movie to weaken him. Just make the villains not suck & have them be like they are in the comics.

Like letting Lex Luthor be a Billionaire & not the guy who looks like he doesn't have his act together.

Also if they plan on having more then one movie maybe in one of them let the villains win. Then the Heroes can win in the next one.