Bill Murray Tells Letterman “We’ll Try Again” For Ghostbusters 3

Bleeding Cool

I don’t need to rehash the details, I’m sure, so here are just the basics: Bill Murray has the power of veto over any Ghostbusters 3 and, frankly, nobody wants one without him anyway. He’s turned down the recent script, effectively killing it.

But that’s not necessarily the very end of the story.

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Crazay3342d ago

Please just stop screwing with us Bill. Your act has grown very tiresome.

Deadpool6163341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Think about it this way. People's expectations for Ghost Busters 3 is EXTREMELY high. Higher than any sequel known at this point. So the movie's script has to knock it out of the ballpark, because if it doesn't then it would be a waste.

Ghost Busters 3 has to be 2 things. It has better than Ghost Busters 2 and/or just as good as Ghost Busters. Bill Murray knows this movie has to meet expectations and considering how good the original Ghost Busters is, it's going to be a challenge.

Kurylo3d3341d ago

bill murray hated ghost busters 2 and vowed hed never do another ghostbusters ever again.

He is basically saying "we'll try again" meaning... they will try to write another script that i might like. lol...

Ill tell you if thehy dont have bill murray in it... i wont see it.

aDDicteD3334d ago

i admire that bill murray respects the franchise of ghostbusters to the point that he doesnt want to get involve in any ghostbuster sequels if the script/plot is bad. if not for him than the franchise will have probably multiple horrible sequels by now, and its a good thing that they are really dependent of bill to be in the project. i hope a good script will be constructed so that they can make another movie as good as the first or even better because of technology nowadays.