The Essentials: The 5 Best Johnny Depp Performances

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Despite the relative disappointment of "Dark Shadows" -- the film's closing on $200 million worldwide, which is nothing to be sniffed at -- Johnny Depp is still one of the biggest stars in the world, something sure to only be further cemented by next year's "The Lone Ranger." But the actor must have had one of the most curious career paths of any top-tier star: from horror movie fodder in "Nightmare on Elm Street" to war movie bit-parter in "Platoon" to TV hearthrob in "21 Jump Street" to freakish leading man in "Edward Scissorhands" to leading man in indie-minded films like "Benny & Joon" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," to would-be mainstream leading man in "Chocolat" and "From Hell."

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alycakes3337d ago

Those are not my 5 favorite by a longshot. I will have to make a list and get back on that one. There are just too many but I do know that one is Benny and Joon.

Yi-Long3335d ago

... what if Johnny Depp would have played the lead role in Platoon!?

For one, I think that movie would have been infinitely better for it, but also it might have just changed Depp's complete career, instead of him going into television work, hating that, and then going completely in the other direction with strange original (but wonderful) roles.

alycakes3335d ago

He may have but I still think for the most part he does really great movies. I think his acting his wonderful to the point that he really becomes his character but he just needs to be a little more selective of the movies he does.

ilikestuff3335d ago

I'm sure alone on this but i wanted to see rango on the list, i thought he was awesome in it