LRA: Top 5 Films Directed By Ridley Scott

LRA writes: For a man with such a prestigious film legacy as his, Ridley Scott is a somewhat tortured soul in my eyes. Being a visionary filmmaker does not exactly mean he gets what he wants when he wants it, usually means he has to fight for it. As a matter of fact it is most often the complete opposite of that with many of his films being released in an artistically compromised fashion. Blade Runner, Legend, Kingdom of Heaven and American Gangster have all had director cuts, with some being released as a director's cut upon first release on home video even. Never the less though, his work has inspired countless other filmmakers and artists for decades. Probably one of my favorite aspects to his filmmaking career is the diversity between his projects. He started in space, then went on to tackle the fantasy, war film, spy/espionage, medieval and horror genres. Hell, he even made a road trip movie! There is no doubting his impact on film and these following examples are what I consider to be the pinnacle of his brilliant and still on going directorial career.

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