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Is Prometheus a Future Classic?

Best Horror Movies says:

Exiting the theater (yeah, I actually got to go visit a local cinema… which was amazing, I felt as though I’d entered a lost world) I found myself juggling one major question: Was Prometheus a good enough picture to one day take on the moniker of “classic”? It’s a tough question to answer, as the film does a few things wrong, and a whole hell of a lot of things right… well, damn near perfect, to be completely honest. The entire ride home had my head brimming with internal debate, and when I finally landed back at the home pad, I noticed

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Best-Horror-Movies3338d ago

Personally I don't think it will be a classic, but it was a good movie, and visually fantastic.

reznik_zerosum3337d ago

only if future is very mediocre

shodan743337d ago

Nope. It's a very decent but fairly standard sci-fi horror movie that happens to have some pretty visuals and hefty production values. Nothing more, nothing less.

Blacktric3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Oh for the love of God. Stop comparing this to Alien and Blade Runner and claim that it will also turn into cult classics like those movies after a while and then become a multi million selling franchise. It will not. Ever. Alien, for its time, had fantastic visuals, incredible usage of the setpieces and props and a decent writing for a survival themed horror movie. And, it introduced us to the lore of Alien and gave us some answers about the creature and its stages of growth while keeping other stuff unexplained in a great way. Prometheus on the other hand, has good visual effects but horrible creature designs (the squid and proto alien being the prime examples), purposely unexplained plot holes that just frustrates you instead of pushes you to ask questions that will most likely direct you to the answer. It is nothing but an eyecandy movie with a cliche story with, now, cliche characters ranging from the two dumb scientists, a cold and calculative corporate employee, the main protagonist who is just looking for answers, etc.

reznik_zerosum3337d ago

yes,scrip was pretty bad,it felt almost like a pilot episode,biggest problem is how the portrait "evil" corporation compared to original alien.

hilyou3337d ago

I haven't watched the movie so I don't know. But both Alien and Blade Runner were not classics at first but they became cult classics later on. So I think this movie does have the potential to become a cult classic

HenderShot3337d ago

I think so too. Especially if another sequel comes out to tie Prometheus and that together. When Alien first came out, it wasn't revered like it is now. Also, I'm curious to see what a Director's Cut of Prometheus would be like if it comes out. If you've seen the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven, there's a hugeee difference.

aDDicteD3330d ago

Prometheus was a great movie no doubt. but it is early to say if it is a cult classic, considering that there is a second movie to tie it with, if the 2nd movie is better and can tie up both movies to the point that it gives considerable satisfaction to the viewers then it might have a great chance to be considered a classic. but comparing it to alien and aliens, it might not hold its own. prometheus was visually entertaining but there could be a lot of improvements and twist that could make it a better movie.