Remake of Green Lantern

For many people one of the favorite heroes in the DC Universe is Green Lantern. However, Fans were utterly disappointed by the movie, which was a huge failure, both critically and at the box office. The good news is that Warner Brothers is thinking of rebooting this franchise. Since the Justice League movie is confirmed now, WB needs to work on it’s superhero movies, including Green Lantern.

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DarkBlood3339d ago

excuse the language but holy shit you got to be kidding me? i mean dont reboot the series, just have him die off in the sequal or something to be replaced by a Black actor *no offense intended*

that way it can ease off into like it was with the justice league cartoon im assuming? or was hal jordan actually in the justice league at all?

i dont know as much as i thought i did lol

MinimeJer053337d ago

Agreed. Lantern doesn't need a reboot, since there are so many Lanterns in the universe. Simply pick another Lantern to follow in a sequel.

NewMonday3337d ago

i think the reboot is to retool the mythology to set up the new JL movie.

while Superman and Batman are the most popular characters, the actual mythology of the DCU revolves mostly around the Green Lantern Corps, that's why they have to get it right

Soldierone3337d ago

Hal was a founding member of the Justice League in the comics. Jon Stewart (Black Green Lantern) was in the JL in the cartoon so that might be what you are talking about.

As for that change I don't like it. Jon is a rather boring character compared to Hal, the only way I'd watch it is if it were a direct movie to Justice League.

Guitardr853337d ago

In the DC comics Hal Jordan was the original green lantern for years and years. He basically became infected by fear and it was Hal Jordan that became Paralax, not some other random dude. It was at this point where the rings chose different green lanterns like John Stewart and Guy Gardner to be representatives of their sector. Paralax was determined to be the avatar of fear (yellow in the emotional spectrum) and he was defeated releasing Hal Jordan from his grasp.

Sajawal3339d ago

Im with u but Warner Bros is after the Big Bucks I guess !

OSIRUSSS3337d ago

This would be whats best. Start it just like the Animated series. With Zilius Zox killing a Green Lantern.

Soldierone3337d ago

Why reboot it? Just frigging do it right for once?

Honestly the movie wasn't horrible, it could have been better, but improve on it! Geez, its like there is no such thing as development in Hollywood anymore.....Its "well it didn't make billions so lets reboot it!"

No. I like Green Lantern, but they reboot it and I'm gone. I'm afraid of the justice league movie, if it doesn't break box office will we see 4 origin stories of Justice League?

xVeZx3337d ago

i think its a good idea since they wanna start tying all the movies together starting with the man of steel superman movie

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The story is too old to be commented.