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Movies Hate You Too writes:

Later this month (June 25th) Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner will celebrate its 30th Anniversary which coincidentally was Scott’s last foray into the science fiction genre. He would go on to direct films encompassing many different genres but until now had stepped completely away from a genre he helped redefine. Now in an unprecedented move on his part Ridley Scott is returning to the ‘universe’ that singlehandedly changed his career and the face of horror and sci-fi forever… or is he?

The crew of the deep space research vessel Prometheus is on a mission to determine the origins of human life on Earth. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Charlie Halloway (Logan Marshall-Green) they believe that mankind was created by an alien race that influenced ancient societies all over the Earth and that they left clues to their planet of origin. Their discovery quickly turns into a life or death battle not only for the lives of the crew but also mankind’s existence.

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