Damon Lindelof to Rewrite 'World War Z'

THR Heat Vision:
The troubled Brad Pitt zombie picture hopes to start reshoots in the fall.

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof has been brought in to save Paramount’s troubled zombie movie World War Z.

The big-budget movie, in which Brad Pitt stars and is serving as one of the producers, has been troubled, and its release has been pushed from a December, 2012 release to June, 21 2013. It is now awaiting signficant reshoots. Lindelof, the Lost co-creator and co-author of Ridley Scott and Fox’s Prometheus, is said to be focusing on the movie's third act. The production hopes to begin reshoots in September or October.

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alycakes3339d ago

I didn't realize they were having that many problems with the movie. I hope it gets done right because I was really looking forward to this movie.

MySwordIsHeavenly3337d ago

I didn't realize it, either. I'm worried now. I'm glad Lindelof is on it now. :) He's a great writer.