New Iron Man 3 Set Photos Hint At A Great Evil


Iron Man 3 has not been in production for a long time, but already photos that have been leaked from the set have given us an eye into just what writer/director Shane Black has in store for us. In late May a photographer snapped a photo of Iron Patriot on set (click here to see who is wearing the armor), and now it's been revealed that another one of the evil corporations from the comics has found its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Lord_Sloth2716d ago

Of all the villains, why the hell would you pick MODOK?

stuna12716d ago

They should put the Mandarin and Fing Fang Foon in Iron Man 3.

Dday1412716d ago

Hopefully MODOK has a sex scene in the movie.

hilyou2714d ago

That's one creepy looking head-a-thing. I hope this movie is better than Iron Man 2 and is at least good as Iron Man 1 if not better. AIM seems like a sick enemy.

aDDicteD2713d ago

i dont think modok is a good idea, but hopefully iron man 3 will bounce back from a very disappointing iron man 2.