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The Collider: Prometheus Review

Like its ill-fated protagonists, Prometheus‘ greatest sin is overreach, which is a shame for a movie that manages to grasp so much. Director Ridley Scott has refined and polished his return to the Alien universe by creating a self-contained mystery that falters when he attempts to answer an unasked question of his classic 1979 film. While he doesn’t come close to recapturing the magic of his original film (an almost an unfair expectation), he does manage to give Prometheus a unique majesty through gorgeous visuals, a thrilling pace, delightful sci-fi horror, and a slew of fantastic performances with a standout turn by Michael Fassbender. However, some sloppy narrative shortcuts and a jumbled thematic through-line keep the flame from igniting into an all-consuming blaze.

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HenderShot3340d ago

I just saw this and I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed.
*Slight Spoiler*
With the way this ended, I'm already eager for the next installment. If it ends up being a full trilogy, I'd rather have that then just one movie that tries to show too many ideas at once.