Extended Trailer For Arrow Released


A new extended 4-minute preview is now online for the upcoming CW's television show, Arrow, which is based on the character of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

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alycakes2715d ago

This is going to be a really, really cool show. Let's just hope they don't cancel it before it gets a chance to prove itself.

Crazay2714d ago

I agree with that statement. I have a funny feeling it just may be a runaway hit with all those Smallville people who are craving a replacement.

sourav932714d ago

I would have preferred if the main character was played by Justin Hartley, but nonetheless, it looks good.

hilyou2714d ago

Looks like Batman Begins was a influence. Especially with Oliver Queen making that arrow, reminds me of when Bruce Wayne was making the Batarangs in Batman Begins.
Just hope it doesn't get milked, slow, or cancelled.
3-5 seasons seems like a good number of seasons.

Chevalier2714d ago

Did anyone notice they had Deathstrokes mask on the island when he's running away?! It's at 3:22 in the trailer it's on the stick with an arrow through it.