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New The Amazing Spider-Man Clip Shows Off Real Web Swinging Effects


Spider-Man is on the run from the law in the latest clip from The Amazing Spider-Man and it offers up an incredible look at the real web swinging effects used in the film and they really are AMAZING!

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hilyou3342d ago

Can't wait for this movie. My 3rd most anticipatory movie of the year! Looks more human than the original Spider-Man films. It really seems like Parker is trying to grasp his powers and learn how to be a well, Spider-Man. Looks like he's training, unlike the Sam Raimi's films where Spider-Man starts stopping crimes within the first half hour.
But I love Sam Raimi's first two Spider-Man films.

KingSchultz3342d ago

At first i wasn't really looking forward to this movie but for some reason I am getting really excited to see it.