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Prometheus isn’t a bad film at all. It certainly surpasses Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and the Alien vs. Predator films. The weight of expectation does drag it down, but those with an open mind – and perhaps newcomers to the universe of Alien – will find much to enjoy. It must be remembered that both Alien and Blade Runner were met by critics with lukewarm receptions upon release – they are now considered classics of the genre. Prometheus answers some questions, poses many more and is obviously positioned to be followed by a sequel. Only time will tell if it ages into a classic or a misstep, but it’s certainly worth watching, if only to see Ridley Scott realising sequences on screen that would have been impossible in 1979. If Prometheus is a failure, then it’s certainly an enjoyable one.

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hilyou3345d ago

I agree with the writer. Most people won't like it at first, but a few years later it will be considered a classic and it will get a cult status.

reznik_zerosum3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

whats bad about this movie :
-very bad script
-wasted good actors on dumb and useless characters
-strange and stupid decision that some characters make just makes u say wtf why would he/she do that
-movie looks like pilot episode
-hey more sequels more money
-paradoxical and dumb motivation for space jockeys/creators
-paradoxical and dumb motivation of humans/crew
-paradoxical and dumb motivation of wayland
-original alien showed how real evil corporation works - whole poisoned and evil system not just one bad guy like in prometheus (kill him and everything will be just fine)
- slap in a face to all intelligent moviegoers with last scene that would better suit AvP movies,WTF ridley

good things:
-good philosophical concept (that makes alex jones rage,yey)
-fun movie - turn of ur brain first