Justice League Script Reportedly "Dark And Mature"


Comic book writer and filmmaker Mark Millar has received word that the Justice League script is not an "Avengers knock-off." Should Warner Bros. swallow pride and follow Marvel's formula or venture off into a new direction?

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Crazay3345d ago

I say they keep it in the same vein as The Dark Knight Rises as far as having a darker feel and tone to it. Its going to be interesting to see how they plan to introduce all the characters and who will play them. Until they figure out the introduction of ALL characters; A new Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc etc (a series of movies to pre-date the Justice League movie)then this is just vaporware that will no doubt be stuck in development hell for years to come.

Crazay3344d ago

Now with the Man of Steel supposedly being used as a launch pad to bring us a Justice League movie, they're gonna have to get a move on with finding a new Batman and even starting up a new Batman franchise. I don't think that Christian Bale's Batman will fit in with this universe.

DarkBlood3344d ago

true, then we also know that nolan said his batman one in his universe so it dont make sense to bring that batman into the justice league

i however hope they bring a batman just like the arkham Asylum and arkham city games as it has a realistic dark fantasy setting that would fit into the justice league universe

if you played the game of course

Crazay3344d ago

Ya that sort of Batman story would be perfectly ok with me. It's dark and gritty but really set in a universe with superheros and super villains. But i think they need to get on that before a JL movie. otherwise people will be like "Wait...what? who's this guy? Thats not Batman...what happened to the other Batman". We need to care about the new Batman in the JL movie.

DarkBlood3344d ago

yeah and perhaps one more other superhero and save the others for the justice movie like the hulk in the avengers

that could be martian manhunter
green arrow

or something like that if you get the idea im going with here

Kurylo3d3344d ago

hulk was introduced in edward nortons hulk film. He was actually supposed to play hulk in the avengers until he had a falling out with marvel.

See edward norton likes making serious acting roles.. and they turned the bruce banner part into something that wasnt exactly up to par on story or acting quality. lol. He was basically the cg lets laugh at the action guy.

Kurylo3d3344d ago

anytime you introduce superman, wonderwoman, green lantern... into the same screen with batman... its going to get corny. Justice league just makes too little sense.

Why would you need any other super hero when u have superman. I mean honestly... zip across the globe and solve my problems in gotham.. thanks buddy. I mean batman sure as hell has no purpose being in a group of super powered beings.

Crazay3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I get what you're saying but they all bring their own intangibles to the the table. They're not too Dissimilar to the Avengers when you think about it.

Here's how I see it:

The Brawn: Superman and Hulk
The Money Man with All the Gadgets: Batman and Tony Stark
The Sex Appeal: Wonder Woman and Black Widow
Otherworldly Powers Powers: Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Thor
Bow and Arrow Users: Green Arrow(I'm aware he's not a founding member) and Hawkeye

There's plenty of parallels and it's all dependent on what path they plan to take but

Kurylo3d3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

yea but batmans a ninja... lets face it. Hes not a super metal armor suit.

Batman just cant be taken seriously in that scenario. Batman is someone lerking in the shadows to stop crime and corruption. Really makes no sense for him to be helping superman out when aliens attack. It just gets dumb. Destroys the meaning behind batman and turns it into something for children.

Beyond that... u cant compare superman to hulk. Superman is more then just brawn. He can handle everyones job for them and fly away in an instant. lol... it makes no sense for batman to even have a job anymore when superman can fly to gotham and handle his buisness for him. Espeacially if there buddies now lol. Its like why would superman just say keep risking your life every night. When he can just swoop in and take care of every villain.. espeacially seeing through walls. lol.

Plus cmon... wonder woman... really? Freakn joke... lets keep that outfit in the bedroom where it belongs lol.

BlackTar1873344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )


Do you now anythign about Justice league?

Batman is smarter then every single Justice league member x10000. He has all the money is always prepared. Superman has always said Batman is the most feared and dangerous justice league member he can take out all the league because he plans for everything Batman is a very logical thinker where superman is a Jock.

I think you need to brush up on the strengths and weakness of the character more before you start discrediting some.

Not saying Batman is stronger but he is always planning so yes sups would kill him sure in a fist fight but if we take into account both characters strengths batman would know its coming and prepare to where supes is the jock and just reacts.

Superman is so awesome his greatest super villain is as human as Batman and just as smart(arguable who is smarter we do know batman is more resourceful). Your not thinking this all the way thru.

hilyou3344d ago

I hope this is dark and mature. Not as much as say TDKR. But darker than the Avengers. I would also love a little humor. I really hope Christopher Nolan is producing this movie kind of like how he's producing Man of Steel. I just hope they don't use Nolan's Batman. Because I'd like if WB kept Nolan's Batman in a separate universe.

mp12893344d ago

"Marvel has a carefully calculated formula for making their movies, mixing various amounts of humor, action and romance to yield a successful film universe which has yet to see a bad box-office performance. One thing Marvel's films are not, is "dark and mature", "

DC is trash talking, better for us if they can back it up