Avengers Proves To Be More Successful Than The Dark Night

Josh Whedon’s Avengers has now passed Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, claiming the 3rd position in the highest grossing domestic release of all time.

The Avengers has earned $538.1 million domestically, whereas Nolan’s Dark Knight had earned $533.3 million. The top positions are still held by two James Cameron movies: Avatar and Titanic at $760.5 million and $658.6 million, respectively.

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aDDicteD2722d ago

in terms of number then yes the avengers is more successful but between the two i got to say i'll still go with dark knight

Soldierone2722d ago

I hope one of the 3 big superhero movies this summer take at least one of those Cameron movies off the top 2 list.....

hilyou2722d ago

Deserves it but I hope TDKR beats Avengers AND Avatar.

edwest2721d ago

The whole DC vs Marvel feuding this summer is getting lame, it's sadly symptomatic of something Gene Siskel predicted many years ago, that the box office was going to become a derby or a sports venue. It's quite telling when liking Avengers is automatically correlated with being a Marvel supporter, much like a football team mentality.

Sajawal2721d ago

well Avengers was an awesome mainstream film but honestly the dark knight is way above that