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Safe House Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Director Daniel Espinosa makes his English language debut with Safe House; an action thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Safe House does a great job mimicking other styles made popular by Tony Scott and Paul Greengrass, which include grainy and over-saturated video presentation, plus gritty and dark characters, with some R-rated violence sprinkled it. The only problem Safe House has is the fact that this EXACT film has been done before countless times and done much better. Even Washington’s bad boy persona is lifted straight out of Training Day. Espinosa gets an A in copying and an F in making something new or even slightly original."

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alycakes2353d ago

Yes, I went to see it and liked it very much..especially the way it ended. Bought it today.

zeddy2353d ago

good movie, some intense fight scenes.