Will The Next X-Men Be Dealing With Alternative Timelines??


While all of us were imagining the possibilities of DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES last week, the release date of the next X-Men movie, currently untitled, was established - July 18, 2014 - rather quietly. Details on where Matthew Vaughn is headed for the next installment are incredibly scarce, and the only real sense we've gotten, from Simon Kinberg no less, is that there will be a heavy dose of Magneto.

But we may now know what's going on with the next X-Men movie... and it could involve multiple timelines.

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DarkBlood2718d ago

without touching the trilogy, x-men 4 and timeline stuff going on? i think i like what i hearing about this

Deadpool6162718d ago

Can we expect Cable? Some of the best X-Men comics involved what could have been through alternate time lines.

Kurylo3d2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

man just give me the bishop and cable crossover and ill be in heaven. Cable takes on all of the xmen there.

hilyou2717d ago

I don't know. I'd prefer not have any X-Men movie deal with time travelling. I'd rather have a really awesome sequel to First Class that's focused on the starting of the school along with Magneto. Plus I think it's too early to have mutants die, I'd rather have them die in the 3rd or 4th movie where everyone has developed a relationship with the characters with some epic ending kind of like TDKR. Just one thing: NO TIME-TRAVELLING!

aDDicteD2711d ago

nice article, days of the future past is quite an interesting story line but i dont want it on the sequel of first class just yet rather i would like to see the original xmen making it to the group (cyclops, wolverine, storm, etc.)and to be able to build up their characters and their group ,, maybe the time travelling story arc can happen on the third film cause it's really quite interesting story specially if they want to stick with the old 3 xmen films.