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Christopher Nolan Says His Howard Hughes Film Is Dead, Wants To Do Bond Film

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It's about six weeks to go before "The Dark Knight Rises" hits, closing up Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy, and it's likely only marking the end of the first act of his career (it's easy to forget that the director is only 41 -- a couple of decades younger than most of his A-list competition). Given that the film is a guaranteed hit, and it's off the back of "Inception," the most personal film of the director's career that also happened to make $800 million worldwide, the world is the director's oyster, as far as what comes next -- whatever he would like to make, he'll be given a handsome sum to do exactly that.

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alycakes3344d ago

Nolan can do just about anything....he's proven himself when it comes to movie making but I think he needs to be more creative and go on the line of making another movie like Inception.

Kurylo3d3344d ago

hes made several good ones ... u should see some of his previous movies before batman. Hes got some sick films

alycakes3344d ago

Which ones are you talking about?

Kurylo3d3344d ago

memento and insomnia were both good films. The prestige was another one.

peowpeow3343d ago

I love prestige and memento!!!!!

hilyou3342d ago

I hope he does make the next Bond film. I hope it's a reboot with Michael Fassbender playing Bond. I loved his acting in First Class.

aDDicteD3338d ago

if he directs a bond film, there is a big chance that it is gonna be the best bond film for sure.