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AMC Lists 'TDKR' at 2 Hours, 45 Minutes; Announces 'Dark Knight' Marathon July 19

The Collider:
AMC announced that they’ll host a Dark Knight Marathon on the evening of July 19 leading up to the July 20 midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises. The announcement doesn’t specify whether the marathon starts with Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, but since AMC devoted an entire day to the six-movie Avengers marathon, you have to figure they’ll go for the whole trilogy, right? Tickets for the marathon will go on sale June 11 at 12pm EST. One thing to keep in mind: AMC lists The Dark Knight Rises at an epic 2 hours, 45 minutes. You may be looking at eight hours of Batman that ends around 3am. That sounds as exhausting as it does heavenly.

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alycakes3198d ago

I think that's a good idea for those diehard fans. I know a lot of people that were able to do marathon on the Avenger superhero marathon theaters had before The Avengers came out at midnight.....wish I could have been one of them.

MinimeJer053197d ago

I'd love to watch all three, but my work schedule wouldn't allow it, plus I own the first 2 on Blu already.

Double_O_Revan3196d ago

Did it for Avengers, Might as well do it for this too. :)

hilyou3195d ago

This is AMAZING! I hope they release like an extended cut where there's like 30 minutes of extra footage on home media or in the theaters nest year!
This movie better deliver!

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