Dark Knight Rises Clip: MTV Movie Awards 2012


New television spot for The Dark Knight Rises featuring more of Tom Hardy's character Bane.

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alycakes3344d ago

I know this is a round about way to get this but all the other sites were closed to showing it. I really don't know why. You could watch it on the site but couldn't copy it.

It's a pretty awesome trailer.

alycakes3344d ago

Never mind on the comment before...I finally found it on THR...hopefully it won't go away on this one.

aDDicteD3344d ago

now that's some nice TDKR clip

hilyou3340d ago

I really like Hans Zimmer's score. I just can't wait for TDKR. WB is kind of an idiot not allowing people to watch this. Where else are people supposed to watch this? On their PVR? Seriously, WB needs to upload this on the internet. If they do more people will get hyped up about this. It seems kind of a dumb marketing move.