The Daily Rotation - Piranha 3DD Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The way Hollywood works can often be weirder than the films they make, even when those films include Piranha 3DD. To think about how this film came about is a wonder in itself, and really, that’s the basis of the marketing scheme. In 2010, Alexandre Aja, the new king of horror remakes, decided to remake Joe Dante‘s 1978 film Piranha (which was already remade for TV in 1995), in 3D, to capitalize on the gimmick, and to make a fun, gory movie about killer piranha. When he did that, and pretty well to boot, of course the companies behind it only saw more dollar signs. When Aja assuredly passed on the project, Project Greenlight winner (and director of the Feast trilogy) John Gulager stepped up to take the reigns on the second film. (Or, technically, fifth film in the franchise, as James Cameron cut his teeth on Piranha 2: The Spawning) Not bad for a film that was originally just a spoof of JAWS."

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