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Push-Start Review: Prometheus

"The most unsatisfying thing about Prometheus is just how little relevance the title has, the namesake slapped on superficially because co-writer Damon Lindelof thought it ‘would be cool’. Betraying an evident lack of forethought to the inception of the premise."

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Blacktric3345d ago

Perfectly fitting score.

Hellsvacancy3344d ago

Agreed, it was so disappointing, me and my buddy wanted to walk out halfway through, it just went silly, and what the hell was that thing at the end?


It looked liked a Shark, totally ridiculous

Blacktric3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Finally someone with some sense... If it was its own movie and did not directed by Ridley Scott, I would admit that it was fun to watch. But thinking that this is a semi-sequel to Alien... It just fails at every front. Starting with horrible creature designs. When I first saw the Space Jockey in Alien, I was so fascinated by it and kept searching the internet for more theories about its origins. And when they finally announced Prometheus I was unbelievably excited. But what I got in return? A baby faced giant pale guy with puppy eyes. And same goes for all other creatures we saw in the movie. The transformed earthworms that kind of resembled facehuggers, Shaw's baby "squid" and the Alien at the end. And about that... Goddamn its design was all kinds of horrible. Remember first seeing the xenomorph creature in Alien? Its inner jaw was nothing we have seen before and its design had all kinds of symbolism that resembled a woman's body to some carnivore animals. And then look at this... An Alien wannabe creature with an inner jaw that can be seen in some creatures live on Earth. There is no warped up design elements. It just feels way too much grounded to the real world stuff and fails at scaring us since it is something we have seen before. There is also the issue of R rated scenes. To be completely honest, they were completely unnecessary and film would have had the same exact effect on me if those scenes weren't in it. Hell, I might have liked it more if I didnt see the cliche, "huge worm like thing goes into dumb guy's mouth" scene... Honestly, the movie went up against everything we know about Alien and Ridley Scott. And thinking that they actually did not answer most of the questions we had and created even more questions and let this plot hole filled movie release... Pff.

Hellsvacancy3344d ago

I cringed when she climbed into that machine and removed that squid thing out of herself, it was terrible

Prometheus really was bad though, my eyes couldnt believe what was taking place, it wasnt the worst movie ive seen, but when you get home and pirate and enjoy Men In Black 3 more you know somethings terribly wrong (i hate MIB aswel)

Im a big fan of Ridley Scott (The Duellists, BladeRunner, Black Rain and Alien are some of my fav movies) Prometheus really didnt feel like a Ridley Scott movie

The film started so well, the opening 5 mins my jaw was asfar as it could drop, its a shame

I wont be paying to see Prometheus 2