Joel Kinnaman Talks RoboCop; Starts Filming in September

The Collider:
This morning we spoke by phone to actor Joel Kinnaman in London about his upcoming contemporary romantic comedy, Lola Versus, which opens in theaters on June 8th. We will run the full interview later in the week, but we wanted to share today what Kinnaman had to say about his upcoming role in the RoboCop reboot which starts shooting in September. He talked to us about working with director José Padilha, being a fan of the original film directed by Paul Verhoeven, how Padilha plans to make the remake different from Verhoeven’s version while still throwing nods to the original film in, why he believes retelling a story can break new ground, and his excitement at having the opportunity to work opposite Gary Oldman whom he considers a master at his craft. He also revealed his favorite Oldman films and why he believes Gary should have won the Oscar for his role in Soldier Tailor Tinker Spy. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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