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It isn’t perfect, but Prometheus is a thoroughly entertaining summer blockbuster that is a cut above the rest due to an amazing cast and Ridley Scott, who re-establishes himself as one of our greatest world building filmmakers.

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Blacktric3345d ago

"It isn’t perfect..."

Thats an understatement. It is a bad movie if you consider it is directed by Ridley Scott and a horrible movie if you consider this as a semi-prequel to Alien. A f*cking squid? Really? I hope to God that Giger had nothing to do with monster designs...

reznik_zerosum3345d ago

A f*cking squid - lovecraft ? 0.0

Blacktric3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Seriously? You are really going to go there? Look at Alien. More specifically the design of the creatures in Alien universe. And then look at the creatures in Prometheus and tell me that they do share a connection. Unless you are blind or extremely biased, you cannot claim such a thing. We went from; creatures that resemble and symbolize sexuality, birth, rape to squids and baby faced tall and hard to kill guys with puppy eyes. Also do not compare a semi-prequel of Alien to anything Lovecraft did. Ever. They are way too different from each other...

reznik_zerosum3344d ago

calm ur self now this is internet ("Seriously? You are really going to go there?" lol u didnt) i request that now kiddie.

zeddy3344d ago

the reviews for this movie are mixed, and when thats the case it will usually disappoint. shame though, i was half excited to see it.