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Top 10 Greatest Animal Film Stars

Hollywood's biggest stars get too much of the limelight. Top 10 Films decides to take a look at the unsung heroes of so many movies - the animals. Animals have become stars of the Big Screen since the format was invented – early animal stars like Rin Tin Tin and The Lone Ranger’s Silver (Hi-ho Silver, awaaaaay!!) have led the charge of the cute, cuddly, slimy, fishy, and downright dangerous animal brigade to have graced our screens down the years.

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gaden_malak3341d ago

Frank the Pug from Men In Black.

I have a pug, named Frank, I wish he would sing...

aDDicteD3336d ago

good list but there are several other animal stars that can easily make it in the list like: beethoven, free willy, hatchi, marley, flippper..i think it would be better if the list compromised of real animals and make another list for animated/fictional animals