The Best Analogy for Michael Bay's Filmmaking Was Made Over a Decade Ago

Jordan from TMP:

One of the things I enjoy doing, being a filmmaker myself, is read more about the art and what not. So every now and again while perusing the aisles of Half-Price Bookstore I come across an interesting book on filmmaking. I found such a one not too long ago and it contains what is possibly the best analogy on Michael Bay's style of filmmaking I've ever seen.

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Kurylo3d2721d ago

I for one love michael bays films. Why? Because they are different then all other films. He has his own style. Just like Tony Scott has his own style, just like James Cameron has his own style. The greats have their own style that no one else does.

Blacktric2721d ago

Please do not compare a shallow director like Bay to Tony Scott or even Cameron (at least to his pre Titanic work). Although his older works were fantastic, like The Rock as HenderShot suggested below, his later films are all just horrible VFX mess and he is a guy who never listens to what community wants. We are all witnessing it with his new Ninja Turtles movie...

Trenta272721d ago

Exactly. Bay just blows stuff up. That's it.

Captain Qwark 92721d ago

pre-tranformers i would have agreed with you. but ever since that cg mess, he has not tried to make a movie with a decent plot. his older films had humor, action, and a good plot. since he did transformers though, he realized all you need is pretty things on the screen to have a box office hit. transformers and avatar have proven that true.

Baka-akaB2721d ago

Lack of style and shaky camera from frantic former music video makers isnt a style imo . Even if he was one of the precursors .

I even used to like him and expect some midly good stuff from him even . Back in the days of Rock .

HenderShot2721d ago

I prefer Michael Bay's older work, like The Rock. I thought it was a great action movie.

KingPin2721d ago

the reason The Rock was good was not due to michael bay but rather Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. they were the ones paying for the whole movie and they like making movies they will enjoy watching in the cinema. something with humour, action and adventure.

google Jerry Bruckheimer and see the movies he's involved in, there will be few on the list which you would not like.

darklordzor2721d ago

The Rock is still an excellent movie I enjoy seeing to this day.

Axecution2721d ago

I think The Island is actually one of my favorite Michael Bay movies. Not sure why... that movie was just, good. >.>

GamerSciz2721d ago

I go to see a Michael Bay film for explosively good VFX and nothing more. 9 out of 10 times I am not expecting a deep story or anything. so I never come away disappointed.

darklordzor2721d ago

Totally agree. I know what to expect when going into a Bay film and that's really all I want out of it. I enjoy a deep story as much as the next person, but sometimes it's just fun to see shit blow up.