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Clickonline writes: "But, amid the squalor, violence and death, there’s also a sense of magic to Snow White which truly makes it a memorable fantasy. As Snow’s mission becomes more and more desperate, she gets a moment’s reprieve in a place of animals, fairies and sprites that provides a stark and wondrous contrast to the darkness of the piece."

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Lord_Sloth3349d ago

I actually want to see this. I know she gets a bad rep but I don't think Kristen Stuart's that bad at all.

Lord_Sloth3349d ago

The girl from the Twilight film saga.

KingPin3349d ago

the actress in the twilight saga is Kristen Stewart.

and she is a bad actress, if u can even call what she does acting.

Lord_Sloth3349d ago

Misspelled yet still had the right name. World's still spinning.

And how do we know it wasn't simply the acting director? Fact is she was playing a jaded character. As the world's most jaded douche bag I think she did all right.

Regardless, you can't really take these things at face value because it's cool to hate on Twilight.


Outa bubbles and cares. Ciao.

danand823349d ago

When she gets the chance at a better role she's a little more bearable but I just can't abide her as the lead in a franchise, she hasn't got the chops for it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33349d ago

This movie looks great, complain about Kristen Stewart all you want but at least she's using her twilight fame to do make something worthwhile. Unlike Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson. I hear they use screenings of Abduction as an interrogation technique against terrorists.

danand823349d ago

R Patz is giving it a go with Cosmopolis. I don't think any of them will win prizes for charisma...