The Amazing Spider-Man Six Minute Preview

The Amazing Spider-Man has a rough road ahead of it. As the hype from The Avengers is only just now starting to die down, the hype for The Dark Knight Rises is starting to build up. Marc Webb‘s new reboot of the web slinger has the unfortunate task of trying to compete with both of the aforementioned superhero juggernauts.

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execution173351d ago

it didn't seem interesting at first but as I kept watching I wanted more, ^_^ can't wait until july

extermin8or3351d ago

Yes I knew I was right to be looking forward to this film; between this and the dark knight rises july FTW! :p Also I like how they captured the awkwardness in their 1st clip unlike in the old (lol 'old') trilogy where it was only awkward for the audience :p

Soldierone3348d ago

I thought it was supposed to be infront of Men in Black....but it wasn't. Guess it was just for midnight.