Exclusive New Footage of The Dark Knight Rises to Air During MTV Movie Awards

DualShock Nexus: With the release of The Dark Knight Rises just a few months away, many people around the world are anticipating Christopher Nolan's final Batman film. If you are craving to see more footage of The Dark Knight Rises, then you may want to tune into the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

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Blacktric2733d ago

Oh for the love of God, stop airing new footage already. The hype is already here and the movie is like less than two months away yet they keep revealing new footage. They did the same crap for The Avengers and sooner or later, most of the stuff spoiled to people who did not even want to the trailers in the first place for that reason. We got a teaser, then we got a trailer and a six minute prologue and then another trailer filled with new footage including the footage of The Bat and then two TV spots that show new scenes and now this. Just stop it...

Mustang300C20122732d ago

Or you can simply avoid watching them. Works for me just fine.

HenderShot2732d ago

Exactly what I'm doing. I already know I want to see it. It's best to keep the experience for an anticipated movie as fresh as possible imo.