35 Years Later, Star Wars is Still Going Strong for This Fan

From TMP:

Thirty-Five years ago today, a little film called Star Wars (remember this was before the title changed to A New Hope) released and had an undeniable impact on cinema and pop culture forever. While a lot has changed in the Star Wars universe over those three and a half decades, it's something I continue to enjoy, even though a lot of fans have given up. I feel the negativity is unfair and I'm here to try and explain why Star Wars is still going strong for me, and why the changes that have been made aren't as terrible as many think.

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Soldierone2736d ago

I like to say, really good points. I honestly think its dumb when people get mad all the time about it. I mean think about it....if you truly want "your childhood movie" then why are you buying it in HD or this new format? You didn't have that back then.....Why not let a new generation of people enjoy what you had?

I think it would be kinda cool for Lucas to release "non-touched" versions for these people so they can go ahead and buy the same thing over-and-over again, but would it be worth printing it? Probably not.

There is no winning here. People jump ship on things for the most stupid of things ALL the time.....look at Spider-man lately and all those excuses. People ALWAYS complain about getting the "same rehashed thing" for all sorts of things (TV, video games, movies) then it comes to Star Wars and its "WHY CANT WE HAVE COPY AND PASTE VERSIONS OF IT!!!!!!" Makes no sense.

DarkBlood2735d ago

wouldnt that kind of be impossible ish? after all lucas destroyed all original copies of the films, skynet style if i might add lol :P

darklordzor2735d ago

The non-touched up versions are still available on DVD, in one of the officially released sets.

SilentNegotiator2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Look....we just don't need cheap add-ins like a poorly thrown together "shooting first" effect or Darth Vader taking away from the tension by saying "no" like he's answering an automated phone.

That isn't at all unreasonable.

Soldierone2734d ago

Then don't buy it....thats my point. Its a new experience, your are paying for the movie again, and they gave you something for it.

I mean I agree, touching it seems kinda stupid sometimes but I'm not going to act like they destroyed Star Wars because of it.....

SilentNegotiator2734d ago

Well they certainly destroyed the only good part of Episode 6. The scene where Vader throws the Emperor over the edge didn't need additional "No"s. They ruined the tension and the unspoken emotion that Vader was giving.

I would have gladly bought the Blu-rays if they hadn't made so many stupid changes. Give me a copy-paste of the classic with visual touch-ups any day....that would have made PLENTY of sense.

Now the only HD version you can buy is the butchered one. We could have had the classics with pretty touched up HD, without bad changes, but that psycho Lucas had to screw with his long-gone genius once again.

It sucks. It just plain sucks and you can't blame fans for being upset as they watch their favorite classics crash and burn.

Human Analog2734d ago

I am not a fan of the constant changes. I held off buying any of the older sets. I only had the VHS set from the 90's. I was waiting for them to be on blu-ray. Overall the package is excellent. The visual quality is great, and the audio sounds fantastic. I can live with the stupid stuff Lucas did to them. I don't have to like it though.

Hey look... Mona Lisa needs lipstick. It is not that big of a change. Lets just go up and slap some on. You know what I am saying?

darklordzor2735d ago

Oh, and I have to say it...I love the Clone Wars. Sure, it's changing some story stuff that I don't like, but it's a genuinely fun show that my son and I can both enjoy.