Project-Blu: Red Tails Blu-ray Review

Project-blu writes: Red Tails is a film based on the Tuskegee Airmen combat experience during WWII. Not allowed to participate in the war at first and defend their country, this group of aviators proved in the war they were just as capable as the next men. Fighting for the same reason as every American, these men wanted to show the world their talents. Red Tails is full of action but lacks the blast from the past education at moments. An excellent video and audio presentation provided on this release at least makes this worth a rent. Cuba and Terrence are magnificent while the young guns takeover but just fall a bit short of making this a must own movie.

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HenderShot3350d ago

That's interesting to hear the Blu-Ray version is supposedly good. Saw this when it was in theaters and I thought it wasn't too good.

3350d ago