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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Delayed Until 2013

SuperheroHype: "In a surprising move, Paramount Pictures has delayed the release of their upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation until March 29, 2013, a full nine months after its originally planned release date of June 29th."

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Soldierone3162d ago

I don't post a lot of news on here, but this one really bugged the heck out of me.

It was one of my most anticipated movies coming out and I really wanted to see it. The studio spent so much money on the marketing (superbowl commercial?) and then they abandon ship?

Nothing says you have no faith in it at all like this....honestly be lucky if I even go see it now since this is basically saying it sucks. Converting it to 3D? yeah well that excuse just makes me hate 3D even more.

BryanBegins3161d ago

It's seriously unreal. As you, I directly thought of the superbowl commercial! And think of the toys already on their ways to Toys'r'us and other stores...

Some executives at the studio should get fired. You don't decide to post-convert in 3D a month before the release date. Especially when they decided not to film in 3D after debating the quesiton (check the interview with the director on that subject).

Soldierone3161d ago

As a GI Joe fan I can't help but to get excited for the toys haha And as a collector if they release them now, that means they will be in limited supply which makes it all the more awesome!

JL3162d ago

So stupid that they just up and decided to do this this close to release. You would think they'd better plan things. Not to mention it makes the movie seem worse. It's almost like they're saying: Ok, we realize this movie sucks so we're going to make some last minute adjustment to at least milk it for a few more dollars so as not to disappoint too much.

Soldierone3162d ago

Honestly. I mean okay someone in marketing was stupid enough to make it go up against 3 massive movies, understandable that you want to jump ship there. But until next year? Why not release it in August? Or for the holidays?

They delay it till next year and guess what....there will still be blockbusters in the way. Superman anyone?

I'm so mad at the decision I'm honestly thinking of just skipping it all together now.

hazelamy3162d ago

post conversion 3d sucks, end of.

how does a film get delayed nine months, just under a month before it's announced release date.

i can promise one thing, i won't be seeing this in 3d.

so this nine month delay isn't going to net them any extra profit from me.

i'm a big fan of 3d, when it's filmed that way, but i've developed a bit of a loathing thing for post converted films.

Soldierone3162d ago

Didn't WB do something similar with Wrath of the Titans or something and it totally bombed.....

HenderShot3161d ago

Yup... I'm really upset too.

DarkBlood3161d ago

well i know they added 3D to clash of the titans

BryanBegins3161d ago

Well WB did the worst 3D post-convertion job ever with the first movie, Clash of the Titans. Except that 3D was still "new" at that time, especially in foreign market, and it did pretty well. Remember though, that was the time where anything 3D was a cash cow. Like Alice in Wonderlands making 1B worldwide just because of 3D (right after Avatar).

It is clear that 3D is bigger in foreign markets, but I'm pretty sure it isn't big enough to justify doing something that stupid.