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***Updated***New Dark Knight Rises Posters for Batman, Bane and Catwoman


Lucky Catwoman! The feline antihero gets her very poster - one of three AWESOME one-sheets for 'The Dark Knight Rises' released exclusively to us.

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SantistaUSA3777d ago

Great pics! Love the first 3 the most! It is going to be a bada$$ movie!!! :D

JL3777d ago

I just watched The Avengers yesterday finally (pretty damn good by the way). But, the TDKR trailer was attached to the movie. I had already seen the trailer, but just seeing it again and seeing it on the big screen no less gave me goose bumps. I am so ready for this movie. The posters here look pretty cool. Nothing special, but nice.

tarbis3777d ago

The posters are made of win. Can't wait to watch this in IMAX! =D

HenderShot3776d ago

This is going to be a good summer for movies

banner3776d ago

All the costumes look funny to me.. Batmans head looks too round, bane just looks boring, and cat women, i dont know.....

I think im most anoid with batmans round head though..

No one else?

dirthurts3776d ago

I'm with you on that one.
That, and Bane just looks...silly really.
As deep seeded the previous two were to reality, this movie seems to be departing a little bit. Perhaps trying too hard to impress with exaggerated costumes and big explosions.

n4f3776d ago

i have to agree on this.
cat women costume is bullsh...
batman look like catman
and bane is looking very dull
i hope it will deliver like darkknight even in darkknigth i didnt like the costume.(joker's face costume for excemple)