Best Horror Movies on Netflix Instant

Netflix seems to cycle their selections fairly frequently, and often with apparent inconsistent practice. You may spot Resident Evil available for three months, while Waxwork never seems to disappear. Unless you scour the site daily, you just never know what’s disappeared from availability and what’s been added to the mix. With that said, it’s safe to assume this is a piece I’ll likely need to update every month or so.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33353d ago

Nice comprehensive list. Good to see Masters of Horror getting some love, it's a fun little horror series with several standout episodes.

Something missing: Dead and Buried. Great little horror movie from the 80s which could have easily devolved into a cheesy mess but surprisingly the acting is well done.

Best-Horror-Movies3352d ago

Dead and Buried is a good flick.

JL3352d ago

Really, can't get too terribly much better than The Exorcist in the horror genre.

In the creature feature subgenre, I thought The Reef was pretty decent. It was refreshing in it's approach that was much more dramatic than your typical fare these days, and better use of tension.

As for Cult Horror, I'd say there's more there to appreciate, depending on taste. Plenty of good/decent ones on there. I do have to point out one, though, that's not on here: Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I can't recommend that movie enough. Absolutely loved it.

Actually, I take that back: if there's one subgenre with plenty to watch, it's Foreign Horror. In all honesty, I think Asian and Spanish horror shits all over American horror films. Plenty to choose from here. Everything on your list definitely makes for a fun watch. I would, however, have to put Audition higher up (probably 1st). A couple not mentioned on this list: I thought Atrocious was pretty decent addition to the found footage genre. Also, Funny Games is pretty good. Then, of course, you have the classic Nosferatu.