Tom Cruise To Star In Remake Of 'The Magnificent Seven' For MGM

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"The Seven Samurai" is, as we recounted not long ago, a film that has been ripped-off and remade many times before. But the most famous of them is "The Magnificent Seven," the 1960 John Sturges Western that took Akira Kurosawa's classic and moved it to the Old West, for the story of a Mexican village who hire seven gunfighters to defend them from bandits. As a remake itself, it would seem to be fair game for a new version, but while new takes on, say, "The Wild Bunch" have been discussed, there's surprisingly been little word on a potential re-do of Sturges' film, despite the high-drama premise and potential star-power it could draw (although the Weinsteins were trying to get a

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alycakes3362d ago

To me, this is the best news ever...I love this movie. It is one of the best westerns ever made. Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner and the rest of the cast were awesome but McQueen just won me over on in that movie.

darklordzor3361d ago

It seems like studios have been trying to remake Magnificent 7 for a while. Everyone couple of years or so, some new information on it comes out, and then it disappears.

alycakes3361d ago

I hope it doesn't disappear this time.

HenderShot3361d ago

Tom Cruise in a Western would indeed be interesting to see. If this actually comes through I'd love to see it.

Lord_Sloth3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Tom Cruise is gonna try and take up Yul Brynner's work? Now, Tom, I respect some of your work but that's just out of your league, man!