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Tom Hardy And Guy Pearce Snarl In 'Lawless'

EW Inside Movies:
Tom Hardy may be dismantling the entirety of Gotham this summer as the autotuned supervillain Bane, but in Lawless, his criminal aspirations are a bit more modest. In the Cannes film — directed by The Proposition‘s John Hillcoat — Hardy and his two brothers (Shia LaBeouf, Jason Clarke) are just trying to eke out a living making moonshine for the good hillbilly people of the Virginia hills. That is, until a reptilian-looking Guy Pearce shows up from Chicago threatening a shakedown. Watch the clip below and decide who’s the more daunting foe for Hardy: Batman or Eyebrowless Epicene G-Man.

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alycakes3359d ago

This is going to have a good and strong performance for both actors and I think it's going to be a great but moving movie.