New Behind-the-Scenes Photos From The Amazing Spider-Man
High in the rafters of the old warehouse crouches William Spencer, a 28-year-old skateboard legend with a cult following on YouTube.

Hired as Garfield’s stunt double, he is preparing to ride his board off a ramp to the concrete floor 30ft below. Fifty-thousand-watt lights give the illusion of daylight.

Garfield stands next to me watching intently. ‘I suppose I should be doing this out of solidarity for my double. After all, I came up with the idea!’

Garfield and Spencer have become great friends over the course of filming.

‘He’s cool,’ says Spencer. ‘And quite unlike all the actors with huge egos that you think he might be like. We earned each other’s respect. He says I am more famous than him, which is clearly ridiculous!’

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HenderShot3360d ago

My anticipation for this is so high right now. More so than the original spiderman movies from earlier.