Bond 50 is Bringing All 22 James Bond Films to Blu-Ray in One Set

From TMP:

MGM and 20th Century Fox have announced what is sure to be the ultimate blu-ray collection for James Bond fans, in the form of Bond 50, and unprecedented 23-disc blu-ray set collecting all of the Bond films to over 100 hours of special features.

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DarkBlood3355d ago

definitly getting this and i just realize the avengers comes out around the same date as this box set damn i gotta put money aside lol

HenderShot3355d ago

I've been waiting for something like this.

KingPin3355d ago

they had all the bond movies in a dvd boxset.

but il wait till they stop the franchise and then buy all the bond movies once. buying a collection like this is outdated the minute a new bond movie is released.

darklordzor3355d ago

You might be waiting for a while then. They're going to be continuing this franchise for a long time still, I'm sure.

HenderShot3355d ago

no, I meant as in Blu-Ray.

Trenta273355d ago

James bond? Stop? You must be joking.

KillerPwned3355d ago

Already preordered this, I cannot wait! This box set was announced back in Jan.

NobleRed3355d ago

I want Goldeneye on Blu-Ray.

Double_O_Revan3355d ago

$200 on Amazon right now. Not a bad price for 22 damn movies. Only $9 a movie.