First Trailer for James Bond’s Skyfall

Here’s the first trailer for Skyfall, James Bond’s next action thriller. The film, which is scheduled for release in theatres on 9 November in the US and 26 October in the UK, marks Daniel Craig’s third venture as the famous spy.

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-Superman-3361d ago

James Bond is back :)
Still my favorite James Bond

ProjectVulcan3361d ago

Love the synth bond theme at the end...too cool

stuntman_mike3361d ago

the film is looking excellent, and with sam mendes at the helm it should brilliant.

also he is my favorite bond too.

ATi_Elite3360d ago

Please don't screw it up!

The previous two Daniel Craig Bond Movies have been darn near PERFECT!!

CultOfPersonality3361d ago

Really can't wait for this! 2012 is an awesome year for films. Avengers the dark knight rises Bourne legacy Prometheus skyfall

HenderShot3361d ago

This looks much much better than Quantum of Solace.

Trenta273361d ago

Incredible. They are doing such a good job with the rebooted series.

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The story is too old to be commented.