Weekend Box Office: 'Battleship' & 'The Dictator' Flop Hard As 'The Avengers' Continues To Dominate

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Disney sure picked the right time to get in on that Marvel action. After the first Marvel films proved to be decent-sized hits, Disney came in like a shark, swiping the studio up for a few billion, expecting similar results. But not only has “The Avengers” handily outdrawn every other superhero film thus far, it's number one at the domestic box office for a third weekend running, with a $55 million haul, and is actually now Disney’s highest grossing film of all time. Take that, “Flubber”!

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Cat3361d ago

ok, seriously...what is Battleship *about*?? Its associations with the -albeit awesome - game make it seem like any plot is wafer thin.

frelyler3361d ago

And you hit the question everyone has been asking right on the head. It did well overseas...I guess they had no idea it was based on a strategy game which as far as I can remember never had aliens, because if it did I would remember. I hope the movie studio that produced this never paid any rights to use the Battleship name. If they did they are morons, they could have just named it anything since the only thing it has in common with the board game is it has ships in it.

Lord_Sloth3361d ago

I wouldn't call Battleship a strategy game. It's more like Bingo where you guess the spots. Whoever gets the best guesses wins. That's not really a strategy.

On another note, anybody worrying about this movies plot is kinda dense. It's an Action movie. The plot is secondary!

Kurylo3d3361d ago

The avengers was action too, but it had a plot ... wink wink... money lol.

Lord_Sloth3361d ago

I'm not saying they CAN'T have a story, just that people shouldn't expect them to as the main selling point is the action.

The story is nice, but not required for the genre.

Soldierone3361d ago

It is if you want a good good movie, you get Battleship. "wow cool....lets go see Avengers!"

frelyler3360d ago


From Wiki

"It is known worldwide as a pencil and paper game which predates World War I. It was published by Milton Bradley Company in 1943 as the pad-and-pencil game "Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy", and as a board game in 1967.[2]"

Not saying it's hard core or anything but it still has strategy elements in regards to the placement of your ships.

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