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See It Or Skip It - The Avengers

DualShock Nexus: It's been a while since I've done SEE IT OR SKIP IT here on DSN, but I hope you're glad to see it back for The Avengers. After all the hype for this movie, I decided to check it out. Let's see if it's worth seeing or skipping.

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3359d ago
upallnightgamer3358d ago

See it or Skip it? Are you mad, man? You have to see it. It's non-optional.

WillGuitarGuy3358d ago

It's mostly just the name of our movie articles. Calm down lol.

upallnightgamer3355d ago

I know, dude. I was just using it to punctuate how awesome Avengers is. lol

Soldierone3358d ago

Honestly if you skip this.....don't ever see another comic book movie again, and don't ever call yourself a comic book fan. Period lol

DarkBlood3358d ago

i gave an agree. but what if they were just dc fans only ? :P

good movie this is, i half think u needed to see the other films first before this otherwise just jumping into this would be a "that kind of film" to most people

Soldierone3358d ago

Other than Spider-man I'm a DC fan. Even wore my DC Heroes shirt on purpose to this movie lol and even I was pumped to see this movie!

I mean you either love comic books or you don't. It's not like video games where you pick a side and pretend the other side never puts out anything good....Instead you enjoy them both, just prefer one over the other.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33358d ago

Skip it...and watch it on blu ray.

While the novelty of seeing these characters share the screen for the first time might excite your inner-geek, I felt the movie relied to heavily on this instead of giving us a story to care about. The characters are all flat and remain underdeveloped for the most part. The plot is a red herring. It never feels like anything is at stake, the Avengers are basically demigods and you never feel like they are threatened. The humor, while effective in some parts becomes tiresome after awhile. I began to think that Tony Stark was only capable of one emotion - sarcasm. A lot of the films problems can probably be attributed to the fact that it is introducing us to this world, and I have no doubt that they will improve upon these gripes in a sequel, but as is the movie feels a little undercooked.

WillGuitarGuy3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

The thing about The Avengers is that you had to watch the films for the individual hero's to get any backstory. Also notice how I wrote that people will enjoy the humor IF they enjoyed the humor in Iron Man. It was a pretty damn good movie. It's just not perfect.

Deadpool6163358d ago

This isn't any ordinary everyday movie. This movie was the first of it's kind in movie history. Build characters in their standalone movies and combine them in one big team-up movie.

Every comic book fan has talked about this concept and they finally achieved it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33358d ago

Yeah, Marvel has been building up to this movie for awhile but what exactly did they accomplish? They have made the mother of all franchises, but it doesn't exactly make the movie and better. I didn't feel the backstory necessarily enhanced The Avengers - like I said they basically played caricatures of themselves. There is very little depth or character development. Which is fine had they come up with an interesting plot, but it really just seems like an excuse to throw these characters on screen together.

The whole movie revolves around some sort of impending alien invasion, but they never elaborate on why. All we know is that some dark and mysterious figure named Thanos is behind things, and for some reason he has teamed up with Loki. His motivation goes unseen. That's a pretty gaping plot hole for any movie actually concerning itself with a story.

And the humor, while one of the movies strengths was also one of its weaknesses. There were some lines that just fell flat, most notably from Black Widow. And Tony Stark's humor just became grating after awhile. It would have been nice to see him have at least one sincere moment, but towards the end of the movie he just starts coming off unlikeable.