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In Nolan We Trust: Can Christopher Nolan Make Tom Hardy the New Heath Ledger?

Boolean Flix writes: "Christopher Nolan owes a lot to the things that have formed his reputation in Hollywood- he’s now known as the mind-bender, with Memento and Inception becoming cult-classics, and he’s known as the comic-book movie king with The Dark Knight- likewise becoming a cult- classic- but is there another distinction that will possibly define him further? For Your Consideration, we present Christopher Nolan: Master of the Supporting Actor."

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darklordzor3359d ago

Personally, I feel that's a ridiculous statement. I get what the writer means by the title, but the way it's worded just doesn't work. Tom Hardy doesn't need to be the next Heath Ledger, their two separate actors with different skills and work in their own way (except for Ledger now unfortunately).

Defectiv3_Detectiv33359d ago

Heath Ledger has made Nolan's Batman franchise what it is. He elevated TDK and catipulted it into the upper echelon of comic book movies. Going in to TDK we had Batman Begins - the origins parts were great but the rest of the film was kind of mediocre. Why should we have any reason to think that TDKR will be any better, unless Nolan has a star to anchor the film as he did with Ledger? Like it or not, a great deal of TDKR's success will hinge on Hardy's performance, but that's not such a bad thing considering he's insanely talented.

gaden_malak3359d ago

Not one part of Batman Begins was mediocre.

BlackTar1873358d ago

yea no part of Batman begins was medicore it was awesome all the way thru. Everyone was excited and looking forward to TDK when we all thought ledger as Joker was lame. Proved us wrong by making it that much better and epic and a classic with his performance. Regardless of his acting awesomness the films writing was spectacular and that is why Joker was able to flourish even more so.

HenderShot3359d ago

Hardy is amazing in his own way. Loved him in Warrior and Bronson. He's so underrated imo, and I hope this movie changes that.

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timmyp533359d ago

Dumb statement I agree... btw Warrior was sick. Made me cry.

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The story is too old to be commented.