Female Avengers to Consider for The Avengers 2

Arcee "Joss Whedon made it clear that if he were to do The Avengers 2, he would like to include at least one more strong female character to the team. Personally, I think that is a great idea and would definitely welcome the inclusion. If you know me at all, you know that I am particularly fond of female superhero characters and if I got to see at least one of my favorite Avenger female characters on-screen besides Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), who should also take on a bigger role in the next movie, I would be thrilled as hell to see that. So, like the comic book nerd that I am, I started listing some of the female Avengers that have come to pass over the years and narrowed down a list of ten possible heroines to be included into The Avengers 2 – should Mr. Whedon decide to listen to my input."

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DarkBlood3359d ago

there are alot of good ones its just too bad they plan to scale it down a little for the sequal, which i think they should forget that seeing how well avengers movie is still doing

Arcee3359d ago

I totally agree with you that it is a shame they would scale down the roster because of it being a movie. I can see where the production teams are coming from in doing so, but I think moviegoers are smart enough to follow along if the characters are written correctly and the story matches.

DarkBlood3359d ago

couldn't hurt that some of them be slight cameo appearances in a epic battle say for example pepper potts Rescue could breifly assist ironman

now i dont have any good scenes to create fresly so i will take one from thats already there in the avengers movie

you know how ironman is leading the nuke missle to the giant spaceship *which name i forgotten* lets say its too heavy to guide it by himself so we put Rescue in this scene and she help push the nuke in the intended direction

this way we can get as many characters as possible that makes all the difference in directive in the story

know what i mean? this could lead to solo movies of what could be

Lord_Sloth3359d ago

Ms Marvel gets my vote as well!

KidMakeshift3358d ago

She would make the most sense.

There's a Inhumans movie in the works so Medusa has her own thing going.

HenderShot3359d ago

Definitely. Go for it. I trust Whedon knows what he's doing.

Samus HD3358d ago

Please only choose the sexy ones

LadyRogue3358d ago

I would love to see Pepper Potts as Rescue and have them give her a stronger supporting role

Baka-akaB3358d ago

too early to have that many iron men around imo .

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The story is too old to be commented.