LRA: The Dictator - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Like many comedic actors out there, Sacha Baron Cohen is an acquired taste. Besides his first film Borat, which was an overnight sensation back in 2006 when it was released, and a handful of supporting roles in films such as Sweeney Todd and last years Hugo, I hadn't been exposed to him and his comic stylings too much. When I first saw the adverts for his new film The Dictator, it seemed to be going for the same shock value that helped turn the actor into the now infamous performer he is seen as today. Once again there were countless jabs at multiple ethnic groups, religions, countries and genders, so I wasn't too surprised at the actual content of the film. But what caught me off guard a little was that Cohen seemed to be attempting to make a legitimate film, something with an actual plot and characters. That intrigued me, I was interested in how his particular brand of hate-ridden comedy would translate over to the formula of a much more traditional Hollywood feature. While he still makes good on all the requisite hate mongering and outrageous situations one would expect, it felt as though the sting of his delivery was diluted slightly by what amounts to nothing more than a rather generic romantic comedy in the end.

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