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March Contest Winners

JL|563d ago |Blog Post|5|

Here are the winners for the month of March. Congratulations to everyone!

Retrospect Realm - $100 Amazon gift card
Wizzro Supreme - $75 Amazon gift card

dauntingpixel - $50 Amazon gift card
Soldierone - $50 Amazon gift card
neoragex - $25 Amazon gift card

Again, congratulations to all. Be on the look out for our next contests and cool prizes.

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dauntingpixel563d ago

what a way to wake up. happy monday everyone and thank you.

RetrospectRealm563d ago

Thank you! Congratulations to everyone else who won as well! :D

aDDicteD563d ago

Congratulations to all who won! ^_^

coolbeans562d ago

Congrats to all winners. :)