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Movie of the Month: Batman Year One - Sponsored by Tees 'n Things

JL|2289d ago |Blog Post|13|


Ok, finally got around to running the participants through the randomizer and we now have a winner. The winner of the shirt and movie is...


Well here's another fun treat for you guys. As some of you may or may not know, Batman Year One releases on DVD and Blu-ray next week. Considering the praise DC and WB have received for their line of "Animated Original Movies" in the past years, it comes as no surprise that there's quite a bit of hype behind the newest installment: Batman Year One.

We'll be giving one lucky member a chance to win a copy of the movie. But that's not all. Thanks to our friends at Tees'nThings, the winner will also be getting a Batman T-shirt to go along with that.

We thank Tees'n Things for again sponsoring our giveaway and being so great. You can visit their site below:

The winner will get their choice of any T-shirt from Tees 'n Things' Batman category:

And, of course, the winner will also get the movie:

So, now I'm sure you're wondering how you go about winning this little prize pack. It's simple. Given the Batman theme, we're going to stick with that. As we all know, Christopher Nolan is currently filming his final Batman film for release next year. However, we also know that WB have plans to reboot the franchise after Nolan is done with his third movie in the franchise.

That being said, one of the hot topics whenever a new Batman movie comes around is who will be the villain. So, your task is simple enough: Simply tell me who you would like to be seen as the villain in the next Batman movie.

The contest will be close on Monday, October 17th at 11:59pm EST.

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Crazay2289d ago

Personally I'd really like to see Killer Croc. I think it's time to take it to a more "fantastic" setting where mutations like this are possible.

JL2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Obviously, I'm not entering. Just sharing my thoughts.

I'd actually like to see Deadshot. I think just the whole "shows up as a crimefighter, then tries to take Batman's place" storyline would make for a fun movie. The villain himself isn't overly special, but cool enough and the storyline is the more interesting part.

Crazay2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I'd also like to see the Joker again but have them do the A Death in the Family story. It could also act as a lead in to a Justice League movie too I think.

Soldierone2289d ago

Depends on how they go. Will it be "down to earth" again like Nolan or will it actually be like a comic book film and be "out there."

If its down to earth I'd like to see The Penguin or The Riddler appear. They are both fascinating characters and could make for some stellar stories on the screen. I think The Penguin will be the easiest one to do and you could have a really good personal twist on him.

It its out there Id like to see Mr Freeze again, but not so cheesy. I don't think you can do a batman without having some sort of Joker, and there are jokers that are really out there that could be awesome. I really want to see Joke AND Harley Quinn in one film.

And obviously I think Two Face deserves a better attempt at his own part too. What he was given just wasn't good enough to me.

I just hope they go deeper into Batman stories and don't stay on the brink of something again.

darklordzor2286d ago

Oh man, I just did a whole article about this!

Personally, I want to see Scarecrow handled differently and be the 'main' villain. He's good enough to not play second fiddle, and I hate how his plot just fizzled out at the end of Batman Begins.

But as far as villains we haven't seen yet, I want Clayface. Since The Animated Series, Clayface has always been one of my favorite villains. There's a lot of ways to mess him up on screen, but I also think there's lots of potential there for a great story with depth.

testdrug2284d ago

I think the fact Nolan is bringing in a more realistic portrayal of Bane was a good move. I would have liked to have seen Catwoman left out since there has been too many incarnations of her.

I'd like to see Nolan get even more gritty with his last film in the trilogy by bringing Mr. Zsasz in as an antagonist. Hugo Strange would have been an interesting choice as well.

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