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Contest Reminder and Standings

JL|2218d ago |Blog Post|1|

Well we have a week to go before the big Star Wars month ends. As you know, we have a lot of prizes to give away this month, and quite some popularity with those prizes. So, just thought I would give you guys an update on where everything stands, especially given that one particular contest (hottest news) isn't so easily trackable by you guys. This will also serve as a reminder to hurry up and get your in your comments/submissions/etc as time is running out.

Of course for full details on the contests and prizes, visit the contest blog:

1) Comment Lottery Contest for Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray
Currently we only have three people that are eligible for this one. Have one or two that are on the cusp, but everybody else needs to get those comments in. Remember, you need 60. Eligible members so far are:

2) Contributor Lottery Contest for Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray
We have more eligible here, with 7 making the cut so far. Everybody else, remember you need 20 submissions, so if you want in then you best get busy. Eligible members so far:

3) FilmWatch MVP for Complete Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray
As you know, to be eligible for this you have to meet the requirements of the previous two contests. So, that means, obviously, that only 3 have done that:

4) Top Commenter for Star Wars Poster Pack
Obviously this one is pretty easy to keep track of, but I will remind you here that per rules, we only have one prize per member each month. So, since our current top commenter is also eligible for the previous prizes, it's possible this one could be passed along. If, at the end of the month, the top commenter is drawn as the winner for one of the bigger prizes, then the second place commenter will be chosen for this prize. If they won already, then the third place commenter...and so on. As it stands now, the top 5 commenters are:
StarWarsFan (265 comments)
alycakes (188 comments)
darklordzor (120 comments)
Soldierone (57 comments)
DarkBlood (40 comments)

5) And finally: Hottest News for copy of a TV show season
This is obviously the one that's a bit more tedious for you guys to keep up with (I know because I have to). So, this will serve to let you know where it stands. As per the contest guidelines, there will be two winners on this one: the two with the hottest stories for the month. Of course, any cheating like "heat spamming" will get you DQ'd. But, as it stands:
1st: CPO (1340 degrees) with "Boobs Aren't Funny"
2nd: halocursed (1280 degrees) with "Top 10 Most Pirated Movies"

So there you guys and gals have it. One last week to cram and get in. And of course next weekend I'll be revealing the lucky winners. Good luck!

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Crazay2216d ago

Thanks for the update status JL - I think this is a good thing to do every month.