The Daily Rotation - Battleship Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Have we really run out of ideas for big-budget summer blockbusters? Hollywood is tapping into board games for a concept to fuel a motion picture? Basing a film off of a comic book or cartoon character is fine, but making a movie based on a game that required very little movement is just insanely uncreative, yet it just might be the trick for success. Peter Berg‘s Battleship isn’t completely dead in the water, but it’s damn near close. Battleship is full of expensive set pieces, hot and young talent and it’s also one of the most poorly written pieces of junk that you’re likely to see at a movie theater this summer. There’s a few instances where the film breaks out and becomes kind of unique and fun, but that’s quickly followed by throwaway dialogue and just tedious filmmaking on a basic level."

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