Spoiler Alert! 10 Best Scenes in The Avengers

Arcee "FYI: THIS ARTICLE IS FILLED WITH SPOILERS. But after two weekends of being in theaters, you all should have seen The Avengers by now. The numbers the film pulled in suggest that at least the majority who come to this site should have already seen this film at least once by now. Hell, I’ve seen it seven times myself. (Yes, I am that pathetic.) Seriously though, if you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE. If you have, let me know if you agree with my choices below for the ten best scenes in The Avengers. Cause let me tell you, trying to narrow down just ten scenes was a damn near impossibility when the whole movie was about a perfect cinematic experience as anyone could ever ask for."

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HenderShot2169d ago

The part when Hulk smashes Loki around is my favorite scene lol

arjman2169d ago

"Puny God..." Me and my mates laughed so much from that scene haha!

morkendo232169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

lol, that was the best!! scene in the whole fu;king movie. HULK slams loki side-to-side.and walk away saying PUNY god. and HULK UPPER-CUT THOR other than that meh!! cap. was too freakin puny looking compare to "FIRST AVNGER" movie.
was looking forward cap look BULKY,BUFF not some thin guy in cap suit.

Rai2169d ago

hulk punch out of no where was hilarious

Blacktric2169d ago

Definitely the scene when Tony suits his Mark 7 Armor up during freefall... Loved it.

perfectCarbonara2169d ago

Yeah I unleashed my inner geek during that Mark 7 scene.

dead_eye2169d ago

This article just reminded me that i need to go see this again

morkendo232169d ago

anyone can seriously tell me WHY!!! was THOR AND IRONMAN NEEDED TO FIGHT??? for cap to break it up??? we all know ironman will have his arse handed to him.

maniacmayhem2169d ago

All that was, was the obligatory comic book "misunderstanding" between two heroes that just met.

There's always a fan fight. But yea, if Thor can go one on one with Hulk he shouldn't have any problem with Iron Man.

Deadpool6162165d ago

Considering Thor's fight with the Destroyer was very short, it showed how formidable Iron Man is in comparison.

That and Fans love that stuff. ʘ‿ʘ