Edgar Wright Says He Hopes To Shoot Ant-Man This Year


During a chat with Empire, Wright confirms that things are finally moving on his Ant-Man project, revealing that he hopes to start shooting the movie as soon as this year..

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Crazay2201d ago

Am I the only one who thinks the concept of "Ant-Man" is lame?

Soldierone2200d ago

It's mostly just the title. Look where these characters originated. I mean "Batman" could be lame too lol

I do agree though, even with the full character in mind I am not too fond of him.

Kurylo3d2200d ago

problem is everytime i see ant man i see pictures of ants... Does he control ants or something? does he have some sort of power?

I mean.. batman is cool just cause hes trying to be scary... nothing to do with bats themselves.

HenderShot2200d ago

It really depends. I kinda think it's lame too since there are so many super heroes that could be great movie material compared to this.

Crazay2200d ago

Glad I'm not the only person who thinks so. I just can't see myself cheering on some dude named "Ant-Man".

aviator1892200d ago

Hopefully, Nathan Fillion gets the role. I really want him to star in more movies again rather than just Castle. Castle's awesome though.

Crazay2200d ago

Seems that you're not the only one who shares that sentiment. I'm sure that Joss would probably love that casting choice for nothing other than the next Avengers movie.

hazelamy2200d ago

isn't he doing a movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost later this year though?